Saturday, November 5 |  שבת, דעם 5טן נאָוועמבער

Pellan Room, Library and Archives Canada

Co-sponsored by the Jacob M. Lowy Collection, Library and Archives Canada

7:30-9:30 | Opening Session and Welcome Reception

  • Judith Cohen (York University), “Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish Songs: A Performance-Talk”
  • Chairs: Rebecca Margolis and James Nelson Novoa (University of Ottawa) 

Sunday, November 6  |  זונטיק, דעם 6טן נאָוועמבער

Simard Hall 129, University of Ottawa

8:45  Words of welcome | ברוך–הבא

9:00-10:00  Yiddish Language Learning  |  ייִדיש שפּראַך לערנען

  • Brukhe Lang (John Hopkins University), “New Developments in Yiddish Pedagogy” (in Yiddish
  • Satoko Kamoshida (University of Tokyo), “Yiddish as a Foreign Language in Japan
  • Chair: Sylvie Lamoureux (University of Ottawa)”

10:00-10:20   Coffee Break  |  הפֿסקה 

10:20-11:20  Haredi Yiddish  |  חרדי ייִדיש

  • Chaya Nove (City University of New York), “Case Leveling in Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish Object Pronouns”
  • Steffen Krogh (Aarhus University, Denmark), “Ayn hous, tsvay … ? On the Plural Formation of Nouns in Haredi Satmar Yiddish”
  • Chair: Simon-Pierre Lacasse (University of Ottawa)

11:30-12:30  Documenting Legacies  |  דאָקומענטירן ירושות

  • Sarah Ponichtera (YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), “Mass Digitization: Changing the Landscape of Yiddish Archival Research”
  • Christa Whitney (Yiddish Book Center), “What Will You Do With The Inheritance?: On Interpretations of Yiddish Literary Legacy”
  • Chair: Michael Kent (Jacob M. Lowy Collection, Library and Archives, Canada)

12:30-1:15   Lunch  |  מיטאָג

1:15-2:15 Yiddish Literature today  |  די הײַנטיקע ייִדישע ליטעראַטור

  • Gennady Estraikh (New York University), “The Legacy of Sovetish Heymland
  • Khayke Beruriah Wiegand (University of Oxford),“Blaybn vet a traf”: Yiddish Poetry in the New Millennium (in Yiddish)
  • Chair: Douglas Clayton (University of Ottawa)

2:25-3:25  Yiddish in World Literature and Film |  ייִדיש אין דער וועלט ליטעראַטור און פֿילם

  • Natalia Vesselova (University of Ottawa), “A Language Without Frontiers: Yiddish in 21st Century World Cinema”
  • Justin Cammy (Smith College), “New Adventures in Yiddishland: Contemporary American Jewish Authors Imagining Yiddish”
  • Chair: Joerg Esleben (University of Ottawa)

3:25-3:45   Coffee Break  |  הפֿסקה 

3:45-4:45  Yiddish Translation   |  איבערזעצן ייִדיש

  • Leah Zazulyer (Independent Researcher), “Translating Israel Emiot: Poetry and Culture” 
  • Rhea Tregebov (University of British Columbia), “Arguing with the Storm: The Genesis of an Anthology”
  • Chair: Elizabeth Moorhouse-Stein (University of Ottawa)

5:00-6:30  Yiddish Performance  | די ייִדישע פֿאָרשטעלונג

  • Diego Rotman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “My Homeland, Der Dybbuk: About Possession and Nationalism in the Old New Film Der Dybbuk (1937-2016)”
  • Anna Shternshis (University of Toronto), “Last Yiddish Heroes: Jewish Folk Music in the Soviet Union During World War II”
  • Chair: William Felepchuk (Carleton University)

6:30-7:00   Closing remarks  |  שלוסווערטער